Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Park ever open to the public?

Our park is open to paid members and guests only. Only during selected events such as the Winter Motorcycle Ice Races each January do we open the gates for public attendance.

Do I need a Colorado fishing license at Rainbow Falls?

No. Rainbow Falls is private property, no fishing license is required. Although you must have a dated Transport Permit to remove fish from the property - see Park Manager.

How do I become a Member?

Review the "Park Rules and Guidelines" and then complete the "Membership Application" on this site. You will receive your access card and New Member Kit within 3 business days.

Do you offer professional fly fishing guide service?

YES. We offer guiding through Professional, Orvis Endorsed Guides. To book an appointment call 719-687-8690. Guides provide all equipment needed and a meal. See "Park Rates & Guidlines" for more information. We also maintain a relationship with local fly shops who are allowed access to our facility. To view fly shops and corresponding web sites please see our "links" page under "Area Services".

How does the Automated Security System work?

When you purchase your membership, we issue your unique coded "prox card" and validate your new member code in the system. This card when scanned at the front gate allows entry. If for any reason a member is found in violation of Park Rules, or membership is expired, that specific code is deleted from the system and will no longer activate the front gates.

Can I bring non-member friends and guests with me into the park?

Yes. Members may bring guests into the park. If guests are fishing, they must purchase a 1-day Rod Fee pass. For your convenience we have an automated information stand (credit cards accepted) just through the front gate. Stop at this stand and purchase the 1-day pass for your guests. For security purposes, the registered member must be with the guest upon entry through the security gate. See park Rules and Guidelines for details.

Is there Park Security?

Yes. We have a resident Park Manager. In addition to Park maintenance, he provides daily spot-checks for valid membership cards and one-day passes. It is our goal to make the Park a safe and pleasant experience for all members, and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Can I "loan" my access card to a guest for entry?

No. Only the registered member is allowed to use card for access.

Is there camping in the Park?

At this time we are not allowing camping in the park. Families are encouraged to enjoy evening campfires and cookouts, with a park closing time of 11:00 PM.

What about OHV use and Boating?

There is no OHV (ATV or off-road motorcycle) use or boating allowed in the park. We maintain a road system which allows members to drive vehicles very near your favorite fishing or picnic area.

Can I have Group Special Events at Rainbow?

Yes. Call our business office for availability and pricing.

If I apply for a membership online is my credit card information safe?

Yes, your information is sent to our servers using encryption. Your information is only used to process your payment and is not shared with anyone else.

Does my Membership automatically renew?

All current year members will be contacted and given first right to renew for the next season. Any new membership availability in the future is limited to non-renewals from the previous year.

Other Questions?

Review our "Park Rules and Guidelines" tab, or contact us with specific questions at any time at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).