About Our Club - Management

As the proud new owners of Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout, this is a dream come true for our family. It is our desire to maintain the rich history of Rainbow Falls and the Big Spring with improvements such as picnic pavilions, improved roads and access, and countless steam and lake improvements. Constantly improving Trout Habitat, and maintaining a constant supply of Trophy Trout in our Raceways in order to facilitate our Monthly Stocking program. Everything is designed to make Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout a serene, private getaway, with not only the fly fishing Rainbow Falls is famous for, but a family atmosphere for you to enjoy weekends away. All our improvements are designed to make this park seem like you own your own private retreat. Our limited membership and automated access system will allow this freedom. First year members will have first right for renewal each year, and we expect to reach capacity early. Enter these gates and leave the public behind.

Richard Johnson, Owner

I’ve been coming to Colorado for over 15 years, mostly riding the OHV trail systems. Having been all over the state, I was constantly on the lookout for the right place to purchase ground, and it always came back to THIS valley. I just love the area, the town of Woodland Park, the access from the front range, but I never thought it would be possible. We discovered Rainbow Falls while visiting the OHV trailhead outside the gates, and knew this was it. God says He grants the desires of our hearts- and He certainly has! Having spent nearly 35 years as a Honda / Yamaha / Can Am Powersports Dealer, Shawnna and I have always been outdoors enthusiasts. We have sold our business in Iowa and are excited to be here full-time and engaged in this exciting sport! I still recall standing on the front gate in 2008 (an old cattle gate and run-down barbed wire fence) and looking down this valley, seeing in our mind’s eye what is now Rainbow Falls Mountain Trout.  I’m 53 years old, have been married to my beautiful wife Shawnna for 33 years. We have 2 children, both married. For the first 4 years, our Children managed this facility. My son Nate and his wife Sarah are now engaged in Ministry school, training to go into the Foreign Missions field.  Our Son-in-Law Jun, daughter Tracy, and Grand Daughter Asia were the most recent managers, and have now moved on to the Philippines, engaged in missions work. Our true passion for the future is our ministry organization RTR MINISTRIES (aka “Rubber to the Road”). We are involved in many missions outreaches, focusing on orphanage support. My other passion is playing bass guitar. I play with our church praise band and a few outside groups. You can never have too much bass! My favorite other toy is my Honda CRF250X off-road bike.
Hmmmm- Fly Fishing at Rainbow, or playing bass, or racing…life is good. See ya- Richard

Shawnna Johnson, Owner

Colorado…WOW! Richard has been telling me for years how beautiful it is here. I’d been here a few times on road trips, but had our first real off-road experience 6 years ago when we took an ATV trip with friends…and I have been hooked ever since! I love to explore the old towns and mine sites with my metal detector…I could just dig in the dirt for hours! Richard rides…I dig. I love the history and have been captivated by the rich history of Rainbow Falls and the surrounding area. I have been involved in our business since their beginning, doing everything from secretarial and accounting, to parts counter and parts management in our Powersports store.  We’ve raised 2 beautiful children, and I get to spent alot of quality time with my family. We are very involved with our church and various ministries. My other passion is foreign missions. I am a “veteran” of 8 overseas trips, being the trip leader and coordinator for most. Many of my overseas trips have been to the Philippines, my heart is with the people there, especially the children. I love just being at Rainbow, and am sure I’ll be seeing you there. - Shawnna

Leland Johnson, Owner

  Rainbow Falls is a new experience for us, and actually quite unexpected. I have been married to my wife Ruth for over 62 years and have been an Iowa farmer for nearly 50 years, owning and operating our family farm. We have raised everything from row crops, to swine, a cattle feeding operation, and our 5 children. We are now officially retired, having sold most of the property and investing in Rainbow Falls. We still own and reside on a piece of our family heritage, a “Century Farm” which has been in our family over 150 years. Now we are free to spend our summers in Rainbow Falls and travel to see our children. I have always loved to fish, so I’m sure to see you at Rainbow! - Leland

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Ruth Johnson, Owner

  Retirement- WOW! I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve enjoyed the last 62 years on our farm, being a working farm wife, raising our family. The experiences have been rich and rewarding. But now we are looking forward to slowing down, and enjoying Rainbow Falls will be a big part of that. I never dreamed we would own property so beautiful, and thank God for the gift. I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with our family and friends, and soon a retirement getaway here. The 5’th wheel gets a little cramped. Please feel welcome here, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you. - Ruth