About Our Club - Fishing At Rainbow

Fishing at Rainbow Falls is legendary.

Nearly anyone you talk to has their own memories of fishing at Rainbow Falls. As Colorado’s Oldest Trout Hatchery, we have been raising trout and stocking the lakes for over 136 years. With it’s 9 lakes, and nearly 1-mile of stream the possibilities are endless. What separates Rainbow Falls from other areas is the Big Spring, which produces a constant 51 degree flow of water, channeled through our Trout Raceways, raising over 10,000 new trout year-round. This runs into our “Spring Lake” which never freezes, then 2 more lakes, joining our Trout Creek lakes downstream. Our unique combination of Trout Creek and the Natural Spring provide all of Rainbow Falls lakes and stream with constant water flow the year round. We practice catch and release on all lakes and streams. All our lakes are stocked and provide a wide variety of fishing experiences. Come enjoy fishing at Rainbow- and make your own memories!

Catch and Release

* Only Single Barb-less Hooks Permitted

How to Handle Trophy Trout

Retrieve Trout Quickly - Use size 3x or larger tippet. Bring trout in a quickly as possible, do not overplay the fish. Large Trophy Trout can be played to exhaustion resulting in loss of the fish.

Keep Trout IN the Water - Keep trout in the water as much as possible. Netting and fly removal in the water is the preferred method. If Trout is removed from the water for pictures etc, a good rule to follow is- Hold your breath when the fish is out of water. When you need air, so does the trout. If for any reason additional time is required, keep trout netted in the water and uprigjht.

Proper Release - If Trout is netted, Do NOT simply roll out of net. Hold net so that trout is upright and breathing. When it struggles to get out of net, then release. When net release is not practical, hold trout by the tail, upright, and (A) Still Water: gently move forward and back, with back motion very slow, not forcing water backwards through gills. (B) Moving Water: Hold trout with nose upstream, use gentle side-to-side motion, allow current to revive the fish. Wait until fish struggles to swim on it’s own to release.

Take your Time - Be prepared to take 5-15 minutes to properly release a Trophy Trout. The larger the fish and/or longer the retrieve, the more time necessary to properly release. Warmer water temps dramatically increase the release time.

Follow - Up - Observe Trout after release. If trout is still sluggish, or begins to roll to one side, retrieve again with net or hand and spend additional time for a proper release.

*Trophy trout may be taken upon prior approval. (BEFORE fish is removed from the water) $20 plus $10 per inch over 10 inches, see park manager.